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About the What Royston Did project

The "What Royston Did" project is designed to allow local people to tell their stories and help build a picture of the life and times of Royston, a small market town in Hertfordshire.

The project initially concentrates on the town's involvement in the First World War but other periods of its history will be covered as it takes shape over time. It hopes to make use of information provided by the local population in association with research carried out using independent sources. 

Until the late 19th century the north part of Royston was in Cambridgeshire and the south in Hertfordshire. The town formed the hub of activity for a much larger area which spread into both counties encompassing many of the surrounding villages. This project, therefore, does not limit itself to the town of Royston but also aims to cover activities and stories from its neighbouring populations.

Armistice Centenary Exhibition

13th October to 17th November 2018
Royston and District Museum and Art Gallery

"What Royston Did..." and Royston and District Museum have produced an exhibition commemorating the centenary of the Armistice declared at the end of World War I. 

Please see the News and Events page for details of these two exhibitions and when and where you can see them.

News and Events

Remembrance and Peace

6th to 18th November 2018
St John the Baptist Church

"What Royston Did …" shows how the town celebrated the coming of peace at the end of the Great War and how it built its memorial to those who did not return at the end of the conflict.

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This section covers Royston’s contribution to the Great War.

It tells of the sacrifices made by some of the men who served, both those who died and those who survived. It also sets out how the town was used during the confict and how it supported the men while at the front and how they were cared for when they returned home injured. 

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Here you will find information on what's new, and upcoming events.

There is also a section letting you know what the project teams have been involved with in the recent past.

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As part of this project we are building a picture of the what life was like in Royston during the global conflicts of the 20th century and how these affected its people.

We'd like to hear from you if you have any information or stories to tell. 

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