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How it started

The project started in 2014 to explore how a small market town formed the hub of activities both within Royston and in its surrounding villages in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  

As this coinsided with the centenery of the outbreak of the Great War in 1914 it seemed appropriate that the first efforts should concentrate on the impact that the conflict had on the town and its population. 

The aim was to provide an insight into the way that this major event affected the lives of those who were sent to the front line to fight and those who remained at home hoping their friends and loved ones were safe and would return home.


The research carried out would be wasted if it did not reach others in the community and so a series of large scale exhibitions and smaller displays have been organised thoughout the life of the project each representing a facet of the war to coincide with its anniversary. Information on these can be hound on the News and Events page. 

The future

The team are now working on new topics and information about these will appear on the News and Events page as they are under way.

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Information on these pages

The information in these pages has been compiled from a number of sources. Where possible it has been taken from contemporaneous publications such as the local newspaper, The Crow. Other histories have also been consulted such as the publication on the War Memorial by Douglas Ploughman. The team also referenced data compiled by third parties such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Soldiers Who Died.

However, it is always possible that it contains errors or that relevant information has been omitted. If you discover an issue in this regard please let the team know by using the contact form below.

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