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The Great War - The Battle of the Somme

What was the Battle of the Somme ?

image map of the somme

Objective of the battle

The Somme's objective was to relieve the pressure on the French who were holding their position at the city of Verdun and to push the Kaiser’s army into retreat.

At 7.30 am on Saturday 1st July, the whistles blew along the trenches and the allies began their ‘walk’ towards the heavily fortified German lines. The result was that by the 15th November, at the Chantilly Conference, a count had estimated that there were 485,000 allied casualties alone. Due to the oncoming of winter and the bad weather, the fighting suddenly ceased on 18th November. 

The Royston men who fought in the battle

These pages set out the stories of a selection of the men representing all soldiers from Royston and its surrounding villages who fought at the Somme.  We remember all the men from this area who fought, died, succumbed to life changing injuries and those who survived with their memories. 

There are longer stories which are set out in their own words or in the words of others who reported on their courage. There are also shorter summarised stories of 33 men who fought at the battle.

Battles of the Somme - 1917

Phase 1

Albert : 1st - 13th July
Bazentin Ridge : 14th - 17th July
Fromelles : 18th - 20th July

Phase 2

Delville Wood : 15th July - 3rd September
Poziéres Ridge : 23rd July - 3rd September
Guillemot : 3rd - 6th September
Ginchy : 9th September

Phase 3

Flares-Courcellette : 15th - 22nd September
Morval : 25th - 28th September
Thiepval Ridge : 26th - 28th September
Transloy Ridges : 1st - 18th October
Ancre Heights : 1st October - 11th November
Ancre : 13th - 18th November

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