What Royston Did …

The Great War

The Bevan family’s contribution to Royston

image bevan family tree


Born in 1857 in Sussex. Her parents were Henry Bovier William Brand and Eliza Elice.

Came to Royston in 1912 and moved into Burloes in 1904.

Was president of the Herfordshire branch of the Red Cross.

Helped establish the Hertfordshire  Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) 18.

Was commandant of the Royston auxiliary hospital 1915 to 1918. Awarded the Dame Commader of the British Empire in 1918.  Installed “massage” (Later known as physiotherapy) for wounded soldiers. Children also received this treatment from 1920.

The family left Royston in 1923.


Superintendant of the Special Constables of Royston and District in the Great War.

President of the Royston Liberal Association.

Largely responsible for the erection of the Royston war memorial.

Set up the working men’s club after the war.

Was a lifelong friend of Lord Knutsford of Kneesworth House (the played over 500 rounds of golf).


Did not serve in the war.

He was a ladscape gardener.

Married and had 4 children.

He died as a result of complications from rheumatic fever aged 38.


Was involved with the VAD 18.

Went to France in 1915 to work in a hospital for wounded soldiers.

She married John Buchanan, MC, who served in the war.

Thay had 4 children.


Born in 1891.
Educated at Chatham High School and Cambridge.

Was a lieutenant and then captain in the 1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment.

Married Margaret Tumure in 1922.

Died in 1970 in Sussex.


He was a lieutenant in the Hertfordshire Regiment.

Awarded the Military Cross in 1917.

Staff officer under Field Marshall Wilson in 1918.

In 1939 joined MI5 where his greatest success was Operation Bodyguard which deceived the Germans into where the allies were going to land in 1944.