What Royston Did ...

Narratives of Royston people from the Great War

These are accounts of the fighting and its effects as seen by those directly involved.  These are only some of the stories which can be told of the men and women of Royston and are set out in their own words or in the words of others who reported on their courage.

image harold ackroyd

Harold Ackroyd VC, MC

Captain, Royal Medical Corps
image grace bullard

Grace Bullard

Governess, Charleroi, Belgium
image alex everett

Alex Everett

Lance Corporal, 8th Battalion, Leicester Regiment
image frederick feast

Eric Charles Malcolm Phillips

Lieutenant Col., 1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment
image herbert sermons

Herbert Arthur Sermons

Sergeant, Gallipoli

Shorter narratives

image frederick feast

Walter Frederick Anderson

Corporal, 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
image walter anderson

Frederick Charles Feast

Private, 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
image herbert norman

Leonard George Godfrey

2nd Lieutenant, 10th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
image george thomas

Jack (John Henry) Halstead

Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
image frederick feast

Roland Newling

Private, Hertfordshire Regiment
image walter anderson

Herbert Edwin Norman

Private, Machine Gun Corps, 11th Battalion Suffolf Regiment
image herbert norman

William Ellis Read

Private, 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment
image george thomas

George Henry Thomas

Private, “D” Battery, Tank Corps

A number of shorter narratives are recounted in these pages. These tell of individual acts of bravery or the day to day and sometimes tragic circumstances in which those fighting found themselves.