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The Great War

How the Royston Crow covered Russia in Turmoil in 1917

Although not specifically about the fighting in Flanders, the Crow ran a series of articles on news from Russia as it was seen as a crucial ally in keeping the Germans focused on two fronts instead of just one.

3rd August

The first begins to hint at the potential disintegration of the Russian military authority on the German’s eastern front.

image royston crow article russia turmoil 3rd august

This story was to develop over the coming weeks, culminating in the ability to the Germans to release significant numbers of soldiers from the Russian front and reinforce those already fighting to the west of Germany.

31st August

Further news of the turmoil in Russia reached readers in the edition published on 31st August.

The article headed “Anarchy in the Russian Army” set out the report given by the General to the State Conference in Moscow. 

image royston crow article russia turmoil31st august

This made grim reading for those with family on the British Front as it allowed further German troops to be sent there from the Russian Front.

14th September

Two weeks later, on 14th September, in an article headed “Another Crisis in Russia”, readers were informed that there was open conflict between General Korniloff, the new Commander-in-Chief, and Alexander Kerensky, the Russian Prime Minister.

image royston crow article russia turmoil 14th september

It was reported that, on 8th September General Korniloff dispatched Lvoff, a member of the Duma, to inform Kerensky that he was to hand over all civil and military powers to the General who would, at some point of his choosing, form a new government.

In an attempt to bolster his own power, Kerensky relieved Korniloff of his command and denounced his chief of staff, General Lukomsky, as a traitor.

21st September

The following week, 21st September, saw a short paragraph in which the coup d’état was said to have been suppressed and that Russia was now declared a Republic.

image royston crow article russia turmoil 21st september

7th December

Finally, on 7th December, The Crow reported that there had been a cessation of hostilities on a part of the Russian Front.

image royston crow article russia turmoil 7th december

The report also included news of the fate of some of the those within the Russian military who opposed the government.